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Pragmatic approaches and systematic reviews needed to ensure success of rural development scheme

Nay Pyi Taw, 30 Nov- Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham called for pragmatic approaches and systematic reviews in implementing rural development and poverty alleviation scheme as he addressed the meeting of rural development and poverty alleviation work committee at Ministry of President Office this morning.

Also present on the occasion were Deputy Commander - in-Chief of Defence Services Commander - in-Chief (Army) General Soe Win, Union ministers, region/ state chief ministers, deputy ministers and personnel. In his address, Chairman of Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation Work Committee Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham said rural development and poverty alleviation scheme was initiated in June, 2011 after the new government had taken office. It has been over one year since the scheme came into operation with formation of rural development and poverty alleviation central committee, work committees, region/ state committees. The c e n t r a l c o m m i t t e e outlines disciplines and respective region/state and lower level committees undertake the works with ministries concerned as supportive work committees comprehensively providing technical aid.

He called for pragmatic approaches, demanding to make sure rural people receive actual benefits from rural development and poverty alleviation scheme.

He called for a thorough review to measure the results so that alternatives can be sought if the programmes meet with failure.

Only through the accurate statistics, can the work committees know what should be done for next step, noted the Vice-President demanding accuracy of progress records of the scheme in all 64917 villages of the country in 15 regions and states including Nay Pyi Taw Council Area to guarantee the success of the scheme.

The Vice-President called for further emphasis on agricultural development works, the first-point of eightpoint rural development and poverty alleviation scheme, saying that a farmer only owns five acres of farmland generally and the output is just enough for his and his family’s consumption and other social expenses and it is impossible to make fortune through farming. He called for vertical extension/ horizontal extension to g e n e r a t e i n c r e a s e d incomes for rural folks and cooperation with them to help them grasp the chances. He called for popularization of complicated technical assistance to farmers, demanding to make sure every household in every village can do integrated farming.

The Vice-President said only integrated farming is introduced in all the villages in the country, can food sufficiency be secured and incomes be increased through sales of surplus, thereby increasing the net income of every household in every village, bringing down the poverty rate. He called on personnel concerned to take a leading part in shifting to marketable, low-cost strains.

The Vice-President called for measures to ensure collective ownership and equitable profitsharing in agriculture, l i v e s t o c k b r e e d i n g and fishery, industrial products manufacturing, micro-finance works and socio-economic works in developing rural cooperative works. He called for promotion of trust of rural folks in cooperative works and progress of cooperative associations to expand cooperative works across the organizations. Therefore, Home Affairs Ministry called on 27 November to all organizations demonstrating around the project area to move from there by 12 pm on 27 November, to enable the commission to start its works, warning against the failure to do so through procedural legal actions under the existing laws in line with the Constitution. The security forces repeatedly requested the demonstrators to disperse with loudspeakers till the deadline and the requests continued beyond the deadline. However, the mob did not leave from
there and security forces on 28 November this had to take actions step by step in line with riot suppression procedures.

Local reporters went to Monywa in Sagaing Region made investigation to find out the real situation.

Medical Superintendent of Monywa People’s Hospital Dr Than Htut said“There are 27 monks and one lay person who were wounded in the Letpadunagtaung incident on 29 November and admitted to Monywa People’s Hospital. All the patients suffered from burns.

Generally, all are burns and some are a little bit deeper burns”

Likewise, surgical Specialist Dr Hla Phone said “Monks were admitted to operation theater that morning as I was on duty.

Most of them were suffering from burns. I found the wounds as normal burns as I examined the patients.

There were some cases of minor ulcers as the blazed nylon robes and touched the skin of monks. Heal staff are giving intensive treatment to the monks as in-patients as a special programme.”

Specialist (Legal Affairs Medical Specialist) Dr Htay Tin Chit said that most of the wounds sustained are burns. Some burns are found to be superficially wide while some wounds are deed patches. Superficially patched burns are like wounds caused by fire.

There are also rather deep small-patched burns. The wounds are like the ones often caused by hot and burnt materials. For example, when someone in nylon clothes comes into contact with fires he sustains burns like that and when someone who comes into contact with burnt plastics sustains burns like that. The wounds produce no strange odours. There are no wounds caused something like acid. Afterwards, the medical superintendent said that nine members of the Sangha had been discharged from the hospital as their conditions improved. Only eighteen members of the Sangha and one laity are still under medical treatment. With the assistance of officials concerned and round-theclock treatment of health staff, the remaining warded patients will soon be able to be discharged from the hospital.

Moreover, Police Lt- Col Thura Thwin Ko Ko of MPF said that protesters and members of the Sangha entered the restricted area of the project where section 144 has been imposed and took position there since 18 November. The police appealed the mob to disperse and leave the area with the use of loudspeaker.

They were frequently informed the notification on 27 November. But, despite the appeal, they continued to act unlawfully up to 28 November. As the deadline set was over, the security members unavoidably dispersed them at 3 am on 29 November under the code of procedure 128 with the use of fire hose flowed by tear gas and smoke bombs in line with the riot supression system being exercised globally in order to prevent the situation from becoming worse. The strength of police force used is insignificant. Those who sustained injuries are being provided medical treatment at Monywa People’s Hospital. As regards the incident, NLD Chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who was at Kankon Village in Salingyi Township said on 29 November that she would like to settle the problem of the region in such a way that could bring dignity to the nation. In the process, people are to give a helping hand. She would like the problem be settled in a peaceful way.

Likewise, in also meeting with the media at Win Unity Hotel, she said that she would like to maintain the relations with neighboring countries, and to settle the problem in the best way. We all are to strive. The Hluttaw has already approved to form a commission soonest to deal with the problem. We are desirous of maintaining relations with neighbors and standing by as good friends. In democratization, we need to try to have a common ground putting aside the differences.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who is in Monywa this morning met with Chief Minister of Sagaing Region U Tha Aye at Win Unity Hotel in Monywa and held discussions.

The embassy of the People’s Republic of China in its statement appealed for creating beneficial conditions to conveniently implement the project on the basis of respecting the Myanmar law.


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